Residential Vastu
Flats, Bungalows, Row
Houses, Farm Houses,
Projects, Studio Apartments.
Commercial Vastu
Shops, Offices, Bank, Hotels,
Hospitals, Factories, Shopping Malls, Educational Institutes, Multiplexes, Etc.,
Industrial Vastu
Engineering, Chemical,
Cement, Sugar, Steel,
All Types of Industries
Vastu Modifications
Vastu modifications can
be used in new houses
under constructions or in
old houses and ........
Vastu for Health
The adage 'Health is Wealth'
holds a lot of meaning in
Vastu Shastra also.
Vastu has laid down some...
Tathastu Vastu Reasearch Foundation
Vastushastra is the science of living in harmony with the nature and environment. As a purely science based subject
every aspect related to the life is well explained here. The people following these guidelines are greatly benefitted
in terms of happiness, prosperity, health, wealth and positive energy.
Tathastu Vastu Reasearch Foundation, works with a mission to proliferate awareness about the effect and impact
of Vastushastra. We are the most reliable service providers in the field.
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